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Web site designing


We render services at all stages: from designing site to its full support and promotion. At the request of the client we can render services in a complex or separately. The process of designing a web site includes the following stages:

Business-planning of your site 

Development of the site structure  

Web designing of the site

Filling pages of the site with information

Registration of the domain name and hosting your site

Supporting your site


WebStar Design Studio will develop your web site strictly according to the authorized by you design. The time of web site development and its cost are always stipulated with the client in advance.

Designing your website we use those technological solutions which mostfully meet web site purpose and completely justify investments in the site.

Site promotion

Search Engine Optimization & Website Promotion Services. Online Advertising.  Our Promotion will give you the opportunity to show your products and services to people who are actively searching for them.

Pay Per Click Bid Management. Search Engine Promotion. Detailed Reporting. You always have clear, measurable results for your marketing dollars. We will explain all the different types of reports you can receive and let you choose those which you feel most comfortable.



We specialize in using PHP Script on the client side and SQL server to run our PHP programs. Our programming skills are devoted to Web based programming and we have used them to help lots of other web designers add advanced features to their sites.

Marketing researches

Our competent specialists will conduct any marketing research of the markets in the Republic of Komi and in the regions of Russia as well as in the other countries.


You can order researches in the following fields: Market research, Competitive environment research, Consumers research, PR researches, Brand research, Sales research, Media researches.




We would be happy to answer your questions here, or you can check out FAQ section.

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