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For advertising agencies. We offer to create a system of cooperation that implies offering your clients marketing and internet-services, which will be rendered by WebStar Studio.

For our clients. We offer the system of discounts and the partnership program. Variants of cooperation may be negotiated.

For web-designers, programmers. Our studio offers close cooperation on creation of internet-projects. We commit to strategy of complex decisions, therefore we are looking for professionals to cooperate with. Send your resumes, portfolios, ideas. Any ideas on cooperation are welcom.

For investors.  We offer services in estimating possibility of internet-projects' success or failure. The studio will take part in carrying out interesting internet-projects, investigate the market, examine the marketing section of the business-plan.

For web-studios. Cooperation in the field of technologies, information exchange, joint participation in carrying out internet-projects. We will consider any offers.

For the state structures. The studio offers the services to any budgetary and governmental organizations, and also participation in public internet-projects.

Kinds of business cooperation.

Trading contracts. We will consider offers regarding with the setting up of the representative office of your company in our region. 

Counter marketing. The opportunity to carry out counter marketing between our partners is considered. The completion of partnership and agents' agreements. 

Subcontracts. There is an opportunity of execution of a part of work by outside organizations or private persons.

Joint investments. We consider an opportunity of joint development of perspective internet-projects. 

Joint researches and development. Information interchange about the market between subjects of the market.




If you have questions to us, you can click here, or read answers to frequently asked questions.

The Information: info@webstarstudio.com
Tel: 8-10-7-495-729-87-33 


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