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How much will my Web site cost?
The cost of developing a Web site depends on many factors including the number of Web pages, graphic design characteristics, page content, completeness of the materials you provide, extent of e-commerce and custom database programming required.
Our special for small businesses is a custom designed 5 page website for $199 (limited time offer).
In addition one-time developmental expenses, there will be expenses for Search Engine Optimization, domain name registration, hosting, and maintenance.

What is Internet marketing?
Depending on the goal of the web-site it is a bunch of actions to accomplish the following:
- Increase sales
- Broaden partnerships
- Increase the number of clients
- Popularize the trademark and the brand name

How long will it take to create my Web site?
Once your project has been scheduled and you have provided various source materials for the site, the time to complete most small business sites ranges between 2 and 4 weeks depending on size and complexity. Sites with extensive e-commerce and/or database features may take longer. If you are in a rush, just contact us and will try to accommodate your needs.

What is web hosting?
A web site host provides space on a computer "out there" that will hold your web site so it may be accessed by anyone on the world wide web. When someone enters your Web address (URL) in their Web browser, it looks up the location of the computer associated with that domain name. This 'host' computer then sends the files that make up that particular web page to the person's computer that requested it. In other words, it's your server or host that makes your website available to the world.

What other services do you offer?
In addition to basic web hosting, we can provide you with any other services you need to get your site going.
Complete Web design and development.
Search engine registration and website marketing and promotion
Domain name registration.
Customizable E-commerce solutions
Custom web application development

Why are Search Engines so important for the popularity of my website?
According to surveys up to 57% of Internet users search the Net every day and nearly half of the searches are for product information or services. There is a lot of useful information on the Web, but it's simply impossible to examine all the websites personally, that is where Search Engines can help.
The majority of Internet users find Web sites by using keyword searches on the major search engines. They are the most popular type of Web site on the Internet and it's quite common to set a Search Engine as the home page in a browser.

Other studios can estimate the price of a website at once, and your studio doesn’t. Why so?
It’s easy to estimate at a moment’s notice, as many companies do when they provide the price of several standard modules combined together plus a little overhead. We use a different approach: every website is unique, and our respected client doesn’t pay for a modules that will not be included in his website. In order to get a real cost of your website development, fill in the inquiry form.

I’d like to develop a website, but I am always pressed for time.
You may not cope with amount of work to develop a web-site. However, it is easily done by our company. It will take us a few meetings to find out your web-site requirements using a special technique. The rest is done entirely by our staff. Your responsibility will be to evaluate intermediate and final results.

How many first page design prototypes do you usually provide?
Usually we provide 2 or 3 prototypes. Sometimes one is even enough. You can give us some examples of the web-sites that you like and don’t like. Then you choose some sites from our portfolio that you like most and the designers who created them propose their designs to you. In case you don’t like any of our propositions (which is practically impossible), we’ll design one more taking into account your corrections.

What do you mean speaking of exclusive design? Why does it cost more?
Exclusive (also known as “VIP”) means that the proposition we create for you will be designed not using clip-art graphics. That is you’ll never encounter any images designed “especially for you” on other web-sites. An exclusive design is not about image processing, it is about creating new exclusive graphics.

Can Internet marketing go outside the Internet?
Yes, it can. Web-site attendance will increase if its address is published on advertising materials.

Can I promote my site by myself?
If you have done tons of reading on web-promotion to become a professional, and you have successfully promoted at least one web-site.


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